Ron is a native of Chicago, IL, having grown up a stone’s throw from Wrigley Field, the home of the World Series Champs the Chicago Cubs. He did his undergraduate training in Canada. After college Ron lived and worked in Germany for several years. The next job took him to France where he also did his master’s degree. Along the way he met Carol Gaddis soon to become Carol Doerksen who joined him in there.

Carol grew up in the deep south. She graduated from the University of Alabama, and spent many years working for a faith-based nonprofit on university campuses in the southeastern US. During those years she also did short term projects that took her to Poland and the former USSR. While spending two years in Budapest, Carol discovered a love of language learning which proved to be useful after she married Ron and moved to France.

Ron and Carol joined forces and were married in Gadsden, AL. They have worked in France, Germany, Canada and the U.S.. Together they have done many training projects requiring public speaking. During a yearlong internship in Orlando Ron was a participant in a Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine event.  The germ of an idea was born at that time and resurfaced 12 years later. In the interim new work experiences were gained. Finally, the opportunity arose to put into a place a company that would allow Ron and Carol to pursue the dream of hosting Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine events.  Team Trust was born.